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What End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Can Do for You

In one form or another, you clean up every day, whether it’s simply arranging something to look neater, putting things back where they belong, wiping up a stain, removing bits of dust and so on. Keeping on top of everything is the best way to keep tidy, so as soon as something crops up you should eliminate it and then however often you do so, you will do a big clean, polishing every item, washes every surface and floor, etc. You can be proud if you keep your home clean because it can be difficult to do so when you have to balance so many other things. Between your job, your family, friends, hobbies and imply relaxing, there can be little free time so it is commendable if you mange everything so you can tick everything off.

Unfortunately, things will occur that prevents all this. Maybe it’s a change in circumstances, an unexpected event or you decide to embark on a project. Whatever it is, it makes it difficult to find free time often means cleaning takes a back seat. When you are relocating to a new home, you will not consider cleaning because you have various other challenges to contend with. Nevertheless, you can’t abandon the state of your old home because it will be the new residence of someone else and so it has to be meticulous. Finding the chance to do this can be tough so you should seek out some support. Cleaners House is a dedicated post occupancy cleaning service who can handle all this for you when you contact us on 020 3397 7807.

Over the phone, you will get to meet our operators and you will be happy to know that they are knowledgeable individuals who are there to help you. They have amassed many years of experience and can impart it to you. If you simply want some tips, guidance or information on post tenancy cleaning or how to do it yourself, we can fill you in for free. If you give us the details about your home and items, then we can make specific recommendations on what to do and which services you may require. We can let you know about the facilities we offer and at this time can even supply a quote that you don’t have to oblige to and it won’t cost you a thing.

If you hire us then a team of skilled individuals can be at your door in no time. They will have everything they need to clean your abode top to bottom. They will vacuum carpets, wipe surfaces, dust ornaments, furniture, electronics, or whatever, as well as sort goods, wash windows and much more. They know all the correct techniques and methods so there should be no worry about things being done incorrectly. They can work at a time convenient for you and this includes moments when you are not present, allowing you to return and find the job complete.

All of our staff our polite, hardworking and trustworthy so you should have no doubts about letting them into your home to assist you. They will treat you and your residence with respect, and take every precaution to ensure that each job will be carried out safely. They will listen to your concerns, requests and questions and provide the reply you require.

Cleaning may be a common task, but when you are relocating to a new home or office and it becomes too much to handle, get in touch with Cleaners House.

Cleaners House Ltd doesn't just give you a cleaner house but a stunningly clean house. We've been in business for over ten years cleaning houses, flats, offices, businesses...right across London within the M25 boundary. In that time we've gained an experience and expertise which means, when we are at your home or business, you can expect the very highest standard of cleaning. Our company offers a wide range of the best cleaning services for previous and new domestic or commercial clients. This includes carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. Many of our cleaners come to us already with much experience and because they want to work for a company that has such a great reputation. All potential new employees go through an extensive training program including an extensive vetting procedure. You'll also find our customer service as pleasant and professional as our cleaners are. We're the London cleaning company that gives you so much more quality for your money.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the top quality cleaning company in London everyone can contact with confidence. This is something we have strived for and achieved. Reliability and trust are two qualities you'll find in addition to many others with our cleaning firm. Our mission is to give our clients every kind of cleaning of a superior standard and for a cheaper price than elsewhere.

Our Commitment to You

We're committed to getting everything we do for you just right. Whatever particular professional service you want, we will endeavour to make sure it's the very best you could possibly have. We ensure this by using all our resources to give you a personalised service that is tailor made for your requirements. Our guaranteed commitment is that you will have the complete cleaning service that takes care of everything for you.

Our Promise to the Planet

Our promise to the planet is also a promise to our clients because we take steps to be a greener cleaning company at each stage of our working process. From using non-toxic cleaning products to recycling and having fuel-efficient vehicles, you know you're hiring a company that cares about its local environment as well as the wider environment.

You can call us now on 020 3397 7807 and get your free quote today.

We are ambitious company that always strives to provide efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning services that adhere to the British regulations of NCCA (The National Carpet Cleaners Association).

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